The importance of a wedding food tasting

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Published: 16th October 2012
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A food tasting prior to booking your wedding caterer is one of the most sure fire ways of vetting their expertise. When it comes to food, the proof is in the pudding and a food tasting will allow you to affirm whether a particular caterer is capable of providing the standard of food that you and your families desire for your big day. This article explores the food tasting process and outlines how to get the most out of a food tasting session with an Indian wedding caterer.

Once you have scheduled your wedding date and booked your wedding venue, its time to find an Indian Caterer who is capable of providing one of the most important ingredients in the success of your wedding celebrations Ė FOOD! Use the internet and online Asian Wedding Directories to create a master list of potential caterers. From that master list read testimonials and look at menuís and then make a short list.

Once your short list is made, arrange a meeting with the catering companies and a food tasting. If the Indian wedding catering company owns a restaurant, they will most likely invite you to the restaurant for your food tasting session. Before arriving enquire about how many people you are allowed to bring, normally, the bride, groom and the two sets of parents from each side are allowed, any extras will be charged for and you need to ascertain that charge in advance so there are no unpleasant surprises on the day.

Generally, before arriving for the food tasting, you will receive an email of the menu from the caterers. This allows you to select you would like to sample at your food tasting and also allows you to discuss menu requirements other family members. Many Indian wedding caterers will allow you to sample a spread of at least five starters, main courses and deserts; this provides you the opportunity to find the perfect dishes for your Indian wedding banquet.

The more people you invite to your tasting session, the more opinions and thoughts you will receive, thus, helping you make a more informed decision. With that said, most Indian wedding caterers will add a service charge for the extra people you bring. A good idea would be to bring a pen and pad where attendees can note down their comments on each dish, this again, will help the decision making process.

One important thing to note is that you will be trying numerous dishes, and its crucial to TRY the dishes and not eat the dishes, because this will cloud your judgement and reduce the effectiveness of the food tasting session.

You should be taking notes on the temperature of each dish, the spice levels, amount of salt used, amount of oil used and the overall taste and then have a frank and honest discussion with the wedding caterer to see if they can tailor the dishes to your bespoke requirements.

There is a different approach to food tastings which many Indian wedding catering companies adopt, particularly those who do not have their own restaurant. They will invite you and your partner to one of their clientís weddings to taste the food that they have prepared.

One of the key benefits of this as opposed to a food tasting in a restaurant is that this will give you a good indication of how the food tastes when cooked for a large number of people rather than in small quantities. Food when cooked in a restaurant for a small number of people will always be superior in taste to when it is cooked in large quantities on the day of your wedding. A slight drawback of this is that you cannot specify the dishes you would like to sample and are constrained to an extent to sampling the dishes that have been cooked for that particular wedding.

However one of the key benefits to doing a food tasting at a wedding is that you can get a three hundred and sixty degrees overview of the catererís abilities, from the catererís level of service, their operation within the kitchen, the way food is served, the presentation. If you are also opting for the caterers event management services, you will also be able to gauge the other services that they provide.

In summary, a food tasting is a prerequisite in the search for the perfect Indian wedding caterer and a caterer should certainly never be booked until you have ascertained the quality of their food, their service and their ability to modify their cuisine to your preferences and requirements.

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